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How To Make Money While Watching Sports

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make some money while you're sitting on the couch watching your favorite sport? If you agree, by all means keep reading. The secret to betting on sports profitably is to know if a bet will yield a profit or not. "Well duh", you might say, "But how do I do it?". That's what we're about to tell you. 

Let's say we have a fictive match-up, Team A vs. Team B in a two way bet. Team A is coming in as a -150 favorite while Team B is a +130 dog. You have decided that Team A should win this game 60% of the time, but is the odds you get enough to justify a play?

As a -150 favorite you'll have to wager 150 units to make a 100 unit profit. For this bet to show profit your team has to win roughly 66% of the times just to break even. So even though you think Team A will win most of the time, the price is not right for it to be a profitable play, that is of course assuming you've got the teams estimated win-rate right.

Estimating a teams chance of winning is of course a time-consuming task, but there are shortcuts. One way is to use a sports betting service such as They have a roster of handicappers that handicap sports games for a living and are sharing their picks and predictions either through free sports picks or paid premium sports picks

While it might seem odd at first to pay for sports picks, consider that those handicappers are experts in their field, much like stock brokers, and you have no problem paying them to handle your stocks and bonds now do you? Use the leaderboards to find a handicapper with a good return on investment (ROI) over a large sample and sign up for a long-term subscription plan to see your investment pay itself off multiple times over.