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Matched Betting

People hear the words "bet" or "gamble" and they automatically assume they will lose their hard earned cash. Of course, this is true if they only bet on one particular outcome of an event which could have several different outcomes. Matched-bettors are not gamblers; they are just your everyday regular people who use a simple mathematic formula to cover all possible outcomes of this event, and then use a free bookmaker reward, turning it into a guaranteed profit. More often than not, they don't know a single thing about the sports market from which they are making their money. The true beauty of matched-betting is that they don't need to know, they don't rely on "tipsters", and simple math will always prevail. Because these people have covered all possible outcomes of this event they have removed the risk of losing money. They are not relying on "lady-luck" to smile at them, they are simply using a skill they have learned to their advantage; a skill which can be taught to absolutely anyone with a willingness to learn. They have taken a very simple formula, harnessed the power of it and turned it into a money making machine.

Matched-betting is not a new concept. It has been around for quite some time. Some of the UK's largest tabloids have printed several reports on the subject, including one man asking himself a question - "Could he really make money from the bookies for nothing?" The answer, to his surprise was "YES", albeit not completely for free; he had to sit in-front of his computer for one hour per day. Read his story at The Guardian.

In fact, this subject has been covered many times by a variety of sources. All you have to do is google it, and you will find a wealth of information on the subject. Over at we provide you with all the information and tools you need to turn matched betting into a possible career option. We cover everything from sign-up guides, reload offers, accumulators and advanced training on how to make consistent long-term profits.